Calendar /calendar/en-usPro Bono NetImmigration Advocates Network IAN Nonprofit Resource Center 08: Getting Ready for Immigration Changes in 2021 /calendar/event.749220-Getting_Ready_for_Immigration_Changes_in_2021The panelists will discuss opportunities, challenges, and strategies to preparing for the new Administration. They will briefly cover the policy changes we anticipate, and focus on their plans to support legal staff or networks in the months ahead. The panelists are Amber Mull, Associate Director, Immigration, International Rescue Committee; Minyoung Ohm, Field Support Coordinator, Capacity Building Section, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC); and, Hasan Shafiqullah, Attorney-in-Charge, Immigration Law Unit, The Legal Aid Society. Registration: To register, click here.2020-11-23T21:04:00Z181140010000010441000001684Dec 08, 2020 1:00 PMDec 08, 2020 2:30 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.749619-Update_from_the_US_Consulate_in_Ciudad_Juarez_and_the_National_Visa_CenterDec 08: Update from the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez and the National Visa Center /calendar/event.749619-Update_from_the_US_Consulate_in_Ciudad_Juarez_and_the_National_Visa_CenterJoin CLINIC for a free 90-minute webinar where officials from the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez and the National Visa Center will discuss their current operations under the reduced footprint and prospects for the coming months. Officials will respond to questions submitted by CLINIC related to rescheduling appointments cancelled due to Covid-19; resumption of routine immigrant and non-immigrant visa services; procedures in place for requesting emergency services and national interest exceptions; and policies regarding expired fees, public charge inadmissibility assessments and other issues.??? Registration: To register, click here.2020-12-02T07:06:00Z18112001811400Dec 08, 2020 2:00 PMDec 08, 2020 3:30 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.749623-Crimes_Involving_Moral_TurpitudeDec 15: Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude /calendar/event.749623-Crimes_Involving_Moral_TurpitudeCrimes involving moral turpitude is one of the most commonly charged crimes removal grounds. The goal of this webinar is to make it easier to do an accurate analysis of crimes involving moral turpitude. This can be tricky, given that there are at least thirteen different sections in the Immigration and Nationality Act that govern different consequences of moral turpitude offenses, and ongoing litigation about how to interpret some of them, and what effect to give state sentences. The panelists will focus on how to cut through this and most efficiently and accurately analyze each case. The training will start with the basics and go on to cover emerging trends in litigation and new defenses. Registration: To register, click here.2020-12-02T07:31:00Z181050010000006121000001613Dec 15, 2020 2:00 PMDec 15, 2020 3:30 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.749831-Justice_Power_Tech_InnovationDec 16: Justice Power: Tech Innovation /calendar/event.749831-Justice_Power_Tech_InnovationTech innovations are creating a new generation of tools to build agency, knowledge, and community for immigrants in the United States despite geographic separation. These tools are rooted in legal empowerment for directly impacted communities to know, use, and shape the laws that impact their lives. Panelists from Villanova University and Immigration Advocates Network will share insights on developing online tech tools that increase access to essential resources and legal support for immigrants. The teach-in will highlight VIISTA, a three-module online certificate program which trains people to become Department of Justice accredited representatives and IAN websites that connect immigrants to legal resources tailored to their lived realities. Join us to learn how community members, organizers, and attorneys are working together to advance grassroots justice during the digital age. The panelists are Michele Pistone, Professor of Law, Villanova University, and Founding Faculty Director, VIISTA: Villanova Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies Training for Advocates; Pat Malone, Associate & Legal Director, Immigration Advocates Network (IAN); Mary Ann McLean, VIISTA program; and Jillian Jin, AmeriCorps VISTA, Pro Bono Remote Volunteer Project Coordinator, IAN. Registration: To register, click here.2020-12-04T19:22:00Z181140010000016131000001684Dec 16, 2020 2:00 PMDec 16, 2020 3:30 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.749624-LPRs_and_Public_ChargeDec 16: LPRs and Public Charge /calendar/event.749624-LPRs_and_Public_ChargeLPRs are often worried about how public charge might impact them or their family members. Importantly, there is no public charge test to naturalize. Nonetheless, LPRs seek guidance about travel, petitioning family members, and possible grounds for deportation. Log in to this webinar to give the best advice to LPRs around these critical questions. This webinar will assume basic knowledge of the public charge rule. Registration: To register, click here.2020-12-02T07:35:00Z181050018108001811400Dec 16, 2020 2:00 PMDec 16, 2020 3:30 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.748637-New_Ways_to_Help_Immigrants_with_ChatbotsDec 16: New Ways to Help Immigrants with Chatbots /calendar/event.748637-New_Ways_to_Help_Immigrants_with_ChatbotsJoin the Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net to learn about new chatbot projects by immi. This is an ideal webinar for managers and directors at community organizations serving immigrant communities. Earlier this year, immi launched a bilingual chatbot on to make it easier and faster to find answers to immigration law questions. Now immi is launching the first immigration triage chatbot on WhatsApp, with the potential to reach millions of people who use WhatsApp everyday. This webinar will review how the chatbots were designed using simple no code techniques. We will also look at how the new chatbots support the self-help tools currently available on immi. Registration: To register, click here.2020-11-13T18:56:00Z1811400100000084010000016091000001684Dec 16, 2020 2:00 PMDec 16, 2020 2:40 PMWebinar/Teleseminar-- /calendar/event.749621-Immigration_Remedies_under_the_Violence_Against_Women_ActDec 17: Immigration Remedies under the Violence Against Women Act /calendar/event.749621-Immigration_Remedies_under_the_Violence_Against_Women_ActThis training will begin with an overview of how domestic violence affects immigrants. We will then discuss the immigration remedies available to immigrant survivors of domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act, including the VAWA self-petion, Battered Spouse Waiver and VAWA Cancellation of Removal. The session will offer guidance and resources on how to build a strong application for each of these forms of relief. Finally, we'll share best practices on providing immigration legal services to domestic violence survivors during a time of COVID-19. The training will be led by Pooja Asnani, Director of the Immigration Intervention Project at Sanctuary for Families. Registration: To register, click here.2020-12-02T07:17:00Z137010318114001000000848Dec 17, 2020 1:00 PMDec 17, 2020 4:00 PMWebinar/Teleseminar--